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1800g ground pork, some banana leaves, some cotton strings.

5 tsp baking powder, 4T cornstarch, 3T fish gravy, 1 tsp ground white pepper.


1. Rinse ground pork briefly; Use kitchen paper to pat-dry; Set in a mixing bowl; Add seasonings; Stir clockwise to mix well; Cover with cling wrap; Chill in the fridge for 4 hours.
2. Trim banana leaves; Rinse and drain; Wipe-dry with kitchen paper.
3. Take the pork mixture out of the fridge; Discard the cling wrap; Divide into 4 equal portions.
4. Add 1 portion of pork mixture into an electric food processor; Process for 1 minute; Set the processed pork mixture aside (repeat the step for 4 times)
5. Return all the processed pork mixture into the mixing bowl; Stir clockwise to mix; Grab the mixture and slap back to the bowl for few times.
6. Lay few banana leaves flat; Arrange some pork mixture in the middle of the banana leaves; Roll up the banana leaves to wrap the pork mixture; Tie tight with the cotton strings (repeat the step till the pork mixture is used up)
7. Set a bamboo steamer in a deep wok; Pour water into the wok till reaching the edge of the steamer; Bring to the boil over a high heat; Turn to a low heat; Arrange the pork mixture rolls in the bamboo steamer; Cover the bamboo steamer; Steam over a high heat for 30 minutes; Turn to a low heat; Steam over a low heat for 20 minutes; Turn off the heat; Cool at the room temperature; Chill in the freezer till ready to use.